Our Daily Program

We aim to provide daily routines that meet the needs of individual children and to implement an open-ended program based on children’s continuing interests This allows opportunities for children to play, explore and develop new skills and theories and is appropriate to the developmental and leisure needs of the children.


7:00am Centre Opens, breakfast is served and free play begins.

7:30am Morning art/craft activity is made available

8:00am Breakfast finishes

8:15am Morning craft is packed away and clean up begins

8:25am Morning game is played

8:35am Children walk to the school playground (supervision is taken over by teachers)

Centre Closes.



3.00pm Children walk to the OOSH room and names are marked off the roll during roll call and daily announcements are made

3:15pm Children wash hands and have the opportunity to go to the toilet, and line up for afternoon tea outside.

3:30pm Afternoon tea is served.

3:45pm Children can do homework, participate in free play or structured activities outside, craft activities begin inside and free play outside and some organised games indoors.

5:15pm Pack up, children can participate in a group activity or quiet activities such as board games, reading, drawing,

6:15pm Centre closes