Online Bookings

The Centre’s online system allows you to make changes to your current bookings at the centre.

You can:

  • Add or cancel a Permanent booking
  • Add or cancel a Casual booking
  • Advise your child will be away for a permanent session
  • Transfer a permanent booking inside the current week
  • Enter Vacation Care bookings
  • Enter Pupil Free Day bookings
  • Enter Alternating Bookings (where applicable)

How to make changes to your before and after school care bookings

  • Log in to the Portal using your previously supplied username and password.
  • Once logged in go to “Parents”, “Bookings” and then “Add/Edit Bookings”.
  • Navigate to the week you are wanting to make bookings for. This can be done by selecting the calendar or by utilising the arrows to move one week forward/back.
  • Select the bubble on the day you are wishing to book.
  • You will have the option to book a permanent or a casual depending on bookings rules and availability. Select the option you wish to book in for.
  • You can navigate by utilising the arrows to move forward/back for individual days or select done to take you back to the booking calendar.

Please find the below video explaining the process:


Transfer of Bookings

Booking Transfers are entered by a parent into Calendar Bookings on the Portal. This occurs when you require the transfer of a permanent booking to another day.

NB: Bookings can only be transferred within the current week.

Alternating Bookings

If you require an alternating permanent booking, please contact your Centre Director for booking approval. An alternating booking means that your child requires care each week, but the days may vary from week to week, due to work circumstances etc. This may also include families that require split care.

NB: Alternating bookings are entered by a parent into Calendar Bookings on the Portal once the Centre Director has given approval.