4. General Centre Info

4a) What time is breakfast at the centre?

Breakfast finishes at 8am. Please ensure that you arrive before 8am if your child requires breakfast.

4b) What is the procedure if I am running late to pick up my child?

We understand that sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that may mean you will be running late to collect your child. In this circumstance, you should call the centre to notify them that you are expecting to be late and give the staff member your estimated time of arrival. The Centre closes at 6:15pm. A late fee of $1.00 per minute after 6:15pm will be charged for children who are collected late

If a child is not collected by 6.30pm & no contact can be made with parents or emergency contacts, the child will be placed under the supervision of the local police station or Department of Community Services.

Late pick up fines are calculated on the spot & are determined by the clock at the service. Continual late pick-ups will lead to written notification that your booking at the centre is in jeopardy.

4c) What do I do if my child can’t attend NOOSH?

If your child is booked in for a session at NOOSH, you must notify the centre if your child cannot attend,  by either logging in to the Portal & marking them away or letting the centre know to avoid unnecessary confusion & concern.