10 Feb 2016


Committee Meeting – 3rd March 2016

at 6.15pm in the NOOSH Building


Welcome to NOOSH for 2016

Welcome to all our new families and to those families who are returning for another year. We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to providing a quality service to everyone who attends our fantastic centre.

To keep everyone informed, NOOSH will be undergoing an extensive kitchen renovation in the next couple of months. Unfortunately there will be some disruption to how the centre prepares food and the use of the play space in the kitchen will be off limits. However, our staff are well informed and have procedures in place to cater for all our families during the renovation.

NOOSH Gardener Needed

To maintain the quality of our outdoor play spaces NOOSH is seeking a gardener. If there are any families at NPS who operate a gardening/landscaping business and are keen to look after our centre we would love to hear from you. Due to the opening hours of our centre we will require the maintenance to take place on a weekend, at least once per month as an ongoing paid arrangement.

We require the following to be attended to:

–              The front porch hosed down and sinks cleaned

–              New plants planted when needed

–              Plants pruned and maintained, weeding

–              Soft fall re-supplied and raked into position

–              Leaves and ground debris to be removed and disposed off

If this is of interest to you please contact our centre Director Kerri Wickenden to organise a suitable time to quote on doing the job.

We look forward to meeting many of our new families at our next Committee Meeting on the 3rd March 2016.


Paula Bourke

NOOSH President