26 Jul 2016

Self Defence Lessons | Term 3 2016

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Every Friday of this Term, we will be running Self Defence sessions for 1 hour and commence on Friday 29th (Week 2).

This program will run for 8 weeks until Friday 16th September.

Children are not expected to bring along anything extra, but there will be a fee of $12 per child on Fridays (extra to After School Care Fees) to cover the costs of the Two Instructors that will be coming to teach the sessions.

Please note, we have agreed on a great discount with the company, and they usually charge $22-$25 per child per session.

The sessions will be run by qualified Instructors from Pinnacle Martial Arts who deliver fantastic classes for 5-12 year olds in the areas of Marrickville & Chester Hill.

The Self Defence classes will consist of Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and various forms of other martial arts in conjunction with our children’s interests and requests.

For more information about Pinnacle Martial Arts please feel free to check the website: http://www.pinnaclemartialarts.com.au/

Please return the Permission Form for your child/children to participate in this new and exciting activity at NOOSH and accept the extra cost involved.